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Q: What do we mean by "more than 150 million potential buyers every month"?

With the phrase "more than 150 million potencial buyers" we mean the number of monthly visitors relating to our partner site network and the data traffic created with all our platforms of real estate advertising.

Q: Where are my advertisements addressed?

Your advertisements are addressed to more than 120 worldwide leader sites by assuring you visibility in over 150 countries. In our "Partner Network" area there are the logos of the web portals in which your properties will be showed.

Q: How can I see if my advertisements are really in more than 120 worldwide leader sites?

Within our website there is a specific section (ACCESS area) which represents a real virtual office. In this section you can monitor your properties on the several associated web portals.

Q: I cannot see my advertisements on your partner sites, where are they ?

Your advertisements will appear on all our partner web portals within 48/72 hours. If you cannot visualize them within 48/72 hours and/or you think that there are problems with your profile, write us at the following e-mail address: – do not forget to mention the ID property.

Q: What happens if I sell or rent out my property before the expiration of the advertisement

Selling or renting out your properties before the agreed expiration means that we have got a great result! You have achieved your goal so we invite you to enter your ACCESS area for deleting your advertisements with the appropriate button. So your properties will not appear on our servers and you will not be disturbed by new buyers. In case your advertisements concern rents for holidays, you will be able to decide if deleting your properties from our servers.

Q: What do packages for agencies consist of?

“Real estate” packages have been especially created to meet real estate agencies’ and agents’ demands. They consist of packages of 5, 10, 20 or 50 advertisements. In our user area for real estate agencies/agents you will be able to carry out your insertion procedure easily. We make a real virtual office available where you will be able to manage your advertisements according to your requirements for selling and renting out. Contact us for further information and explanations.

Q: Why doesn't my advertisement appear on the portals of my country?

Because of an internal policy, your real estate property cannot be visualized on any portal of your country.