Terms & Conditions

Homeglobally Ltd is an International Company specialized in the publication of real estate advertisements in the global market by means of a network. Homeglobally Ltd is regularly registered in United Kingdom with the Company no. 10695604. Homeglobally operates all over the world with offices in many Nations; every office is autonomous and accountable to the headquarters. In every Nation a customer service supervisor is appointed and clients can communicate with the representative of their Nation by using the website chat, the following e-mail support@homeglobally.com, which is the same for all offices and managed by the headquarters, and telephone by making explicit request through e-mail in which there is their telephone number.

1. Contractual conditions
The General Conditions and Terms for the purchase of ad packages represent the laws which regulate the relationship between Homeglobally SHPK (from now on “Homeglobally”) and Client. These terms and conditions must be considered jointly and inseparably. If the jurisdiction of his/her country forbids in some way the services offered in the site www.homeglobally.com, the user is expressly warned not to use them and Homeglobally declines any responsibility which may result from their use in violation of these laws. Property owners or real estate agents regularly entered in specific registers of their own country and qualified in real estate intermediation ("advertisers"), who publish advertisements on www.homeglobally.com (identified as "the portal"), or people who use the portal without promotional goals ("users"), accept of being bound by these terms and conditions ("Terms of use") which regulate the use of the portal by advertisers and users. Before using and viewing the portal, advertisers and users are obliged to read the Terms of use. The use of the portal is considered as an acceptance of the Terms of use. Do not use the portal if it does not comply with the Terms of use.
2. Subject
The contractual conditions are about the supply of the services concerning Homeglobally offer packages and more specifically: “promoting advertisements whose purpose is the sale and/or rent of any kind of real estates”) The packages include the services offered through the portal www.homeglobally.com, its worldwide real estate network and other portals belonging to homeglobally.com group. For the provision of its Services, Homeglobally can avail itself of third-party activity.
3. Homeglobally services and obligations
Homeglobally has the right to examine the real estate advertisement to insert in the site www.homeglobally.com and, at its incontestable discretion, ask the Client to modify the text and/or image of the advertisement as well as to refuse it.
Moreover, Homeglobally reserves the right to refuse or postpone the real estate advertisement which may involve an overload of its server and/or network or not respect the obligations indicated in the following articles of the Agreement.
Homeglobally is not liable for possible insertion errors, faulty reproduction of texts and/or illustrations.
Homeglobally could suspend the supply of its Services if the Client does not pay them; the service will be provided after having paid them through its financial means.
Homeglobally offers services of real estate advertising and does not receive any sales commission.
Be advised that Homeglobally will not be responsible for the failed sale or rent of real estates and/or any other property which the ad refers to, even if the client does not receive any request by potential buyers.
HOMEglobally will try to provide the products without interruptions unless they are caused by temporary technical needs.
Homeglobally cannot guarantee that the service always functions without interruptions, delays or other imperfections, as it is provided through the Internet lines. So there could be power cuts or interruptions of the Internet service and some inconveniences, such as the loss of packages/advertisements/texts/images which interfere with the quality and velocity of communication. These inconveniences as well as third-party disruptions (Hackers), which happen in the system against Homeglobally’s will, will not be charged and Homeglobally will be ready to reactivate the service as much as possible.
HOMEglobally can modify, replace and innovate the technical features of its website in order to keep up with new needs and developments. This is because Homeglobally is part of a Network and there may be problems with obscuring / blocking of ads due to the Network.
HOMEglobally could also need to repair, improve and/or update Products/services and this could require the temporary limitation, suspension, interference and/or interruption of Products and/or services.
Be advised that, for the period in which the Services will be blocked/suspended, neither refund nor reimbursement will be due to the Client for the failed provision.
It is expressly prohibited the buyer from inserting false and/or fictional data during the process of ad registration/insertion, which is necessary to activate the procedure for the contract execution and its further notices; the biographical details sent by the client must not be fictional or third-party data but correspond with his/her real personal data. It is exspressly prohibited to make multiple registrations concerning the same person or insert data belonging to third-parties. Homeglobally declines any responsability for the advertisements placed by third parties who are not directly owners and holders of real estates, including real estate agents who have not a mandate for advertising the property which is the result of commercial intermediation with his/her clients.
HOMEGLOBALLY reserves the right to prosecute every violation and infringement legally, in the interest and for the protection of consumers. The Client releases Homeglobally from any liability which derives from the wrong emission of tax documents because of errors concerning his/her data, as he/she is the only responsible for their correct insertion.
By sending the order through the sale system called e-commerce and available on the website www.homeglobally.com, the Client agrees that Homeglobally can send further messages and advertisements by telephone, fax, sms or e-mail.
The client undertakes not to resell products/services to third parties without Homeglobally’s written consent.
The user is committed to indemnifying Homeglobally and its affiliates from any liability and expense, including legal fees due to a violation of these Terms of service.
Homeglobally reserves up to 72 hours to load advertisements in the network of real estate sites.
If the client finds problems to insert data and photos, he can contact Homeglobally help center at support@homeglobally.com, the only valid e-mail for all Homeglobally’s offices in the several Nations.
The real estate inserted in the site will not be visualized in any portal of the country of origin where the property is.
Homeglobally disclaims any responsability for the preordained disposition of the photos that the client has inserted in the real estate ad.
It should be noted that the number and quality of the real estate portals where advertisements will be published may vary during the stipulation of the contract without influencing the global service quality and, in any case, will not be a motive of its annulment or termination.
The list of real estate partners in the website is not thorough but indicative.
4. Prices
and payment methods of Services For the use of Homeglobally products/services it is necessary to buy packages by user account, debit or credit card, PayPal, promotional voucher, bank transfer or the other means made available by Homeglobally.
The client is immediately made aware that Homeglobally SHPK can analyse and/or verify the data supplied in order to contrast and prevent fraudulent actions by reserving the possibility of cancelling/suspending the service activated previously. After having bought the ad package, the client can delay it thanks to the purchase of a new product/service without a tacit renewal.
At any time Homeglobally can modify the prices of products without any notice. Homeglobally can sell/acquire, wholly or partially, the business branch, the domain and brand, without being obliged to communicate it to its clients. For a limited period of time Homeglobally reserves the possibility of offering promotions and discounts on packages in the website.
If the client receives a charge by mistake, must contact the client service at support@Homeglobally.com within 45 days from it. After this deadline no refund will be made. The invoices will be issued and sent through automatic modes at cblient’s e-mail.
5. Duration
This Contract is valid and effective from the service payment, that is from the beginning of its supply, with the expiry of the package bought and subsequent approval of these terms and conditions. At the termination of the contract it will be naturally rescinded, that is a tacit renewal is not considered. With the exception of any other hypothesis of the Contract resolution provided in the above-mentioned terms and conditions, the Contract will be considered automatically expired.
6. Refund policy
The Client has the right to rescind the contract without any penalty and without specifying the reason within 10 working days from its signature.
The Client will have to communicate his/her intention of rescinding from it by a registered letter sent not later than the deadline specified above and, in any case, within the tenth day from the Order or, if the deadline is on Saturday, Sunday or a non-business day, within the following working day. The requests for its termination must be sent by registered mail to Homeglobally Ltd’s legal head office.
After this ten-day period the client will not be able to ask for the termination and/or the refund. In all the cases provided for these general conditions the refund will be made as quickly as possible and, in any case, within 30 (thirty) days from the date on which this right arose. The refund will be made by Homeglobally through a cheque sent to the Client or the financial means that Homeglobally considers appropriate.
7. Customer’s responsibility
The Client undertakes to put an advertisement, whose content and/or images are pertinent to the activity of real estate sale/rent that, in no way, damage Homeglobally’s image or violate third-party rights.
The Client is responsible for the correct loading of his/her real estate advertisements in the above-mentioned site. The Client is the only and exclusive responsible for the content of real estate advertisements and undertakes to indenmify and hold harmless Homeglobally from any demand or action that is addressed to the society by third- parties, as well as against any demand, made by third-parties, on the content and technical modalities (including possible links) referred to in the following article 10 of the Agreement. The Client is responsible for the password conservation and secrecy and user id, which are necessary for the access to Homeglobally services.
The Client is obliged to notify any illegal use of his/her own password to Homeglobally. The Client undertakes not to insert addresses and telephone numbers different from those of the subscriber of the contract in the advertisement. The Client undertakes not to insert advertisements concerning fictional or unavailable real estates, that is real estates with wrong data; if these possibilities occur, Homeglobally reserves the right to block them. The Client is required to use the contacts obtained thanks to Homeglobally Services only for the purposes intended by the above-mentioned Services.
8. Prohibitions
The Customer is expressly forbidden: a) to use the data obtained through Homeglobally Services for carrying out spamming activity, newsletter registrations, advertisements and so on; b) to copy, save and transfer in any form, digital and not, the contact list obtained through Homeglobally Services; c) to communicate the data obtained through Homeglobally services to third parties. In any case, Homeglobally prohibits advertisers or other potential clients from using the portal for commercial or publicity purposes. Otherwise, as determined by Homeglobally and at its sole discretion, these uses of the portal will have consequences, such as the refusal to publish real estate advertisements and/or the ban to use the portal.
9. Authorizations
Homeglobally will be able to provide services under these terms and conditions, also through third parties and/or its own network by publishing them in the sites and/or search engines different from www.homeglobally.com and promoting advertisements on social networks. Homeglobally is authorized to insert its brand on all the photos of the real estate advertisement by the client.
10. Ownership of trademarks
The parties (client and Homeglobally) will retain exclusive ownership of their brands (registered and not) and other distinguishing signs, marks, logos and domain names, as well as intellectual property rights, licences, utility models and registered decorative illustrations. This Agreement on contractual terms and conditions will never be interpreted as a grant of licence or ownership transfer of the rights claimed by each party on the brands and distinguishing signs, logos and domain names, as well as intellectual property rights and the above-mentioned licences, models and illustrations in favour of the other party.
11. Various things
The links to other sites and resources in the web portal www.homeglobally.com and supplied by third parties are only available for informational purposes. The company does not exercise any control over the contents or resources of these sites and declines any responsibility in case of loss or damage deriving from their use. If one or more dispositions of this contract are not valid, or declared as such, by any law, regulation and sentence which has the force of “resjudicata” by a competent court, the other dispositions will remain in force.
The tolerance of a party and violation of one of the obligations deriving from this contract by the other party will not involve the acquisition of any right by the defaulter. In any case, this tolerance will not be interpreted as a surrender to assert one’s own rights. The translation system and engine in 16 languages is an automatic process divided into two stages that assure efficient and reliable results. 1° - Extrapolation of key concepts through artificial intelligence (for example: flat; 80 mq; swimming-pool and so on). 2° - Elaboration of a new description by using the syntax of the target language. Moreover, there is a specific area in Homeglobally site where the customer can modify the simultaneous and automatic translation (changes can be seen after 24-48 hours from translation save) if he is not satisfied with it. Homeglobally will not amend/modify the translations made previously by means of the automatic system and the client will not be able to require manual translations. "Network partners" means the Partners belonging and affiliated to Homeglobally’s service supplier.
In accordance with the dispositions of the Privacy section, client’s information and data are necessary to manage the order and its business relations. These information and data are also memorized for security reasons, the fulfillment of legal and normative requirements and improvement and personalization of the services offered and information sent; The section "Sustainability" does not represent in any case a source of income for Homeglobally but a kind of invitation to charity. The original Italian version of these Terms and conditions is translated into other languages. In case of difference or discrepancy between the Italian version and any other translated version, the Italian version will prevail.
12. Security of the advertisements published
It is always appropriate to control the security of advertisements. The file of the advertisements could disappear from the system for several reasons and therefore the client undertakes to keep and have an updated copy of the data published in the network (advertisement) of the site www.homeglobally.com, regardeless of the operating state of the server and by making it available to Homeglobally upon its request.
13. Use of online payment platforms
The portal makes available an online payment platform which gives its clients the possibility of paying the packages bought online by PayPal, credit and debt card or other means of payment. Homeglobally reserves the right of changing or removing this platform at any time, without prior warning and at its own discretion. Although the portal makes available the technical platform to allow these payments, Homeglobally is not responsible for them; this service does not imply that Homeglobally is responsible for the client’s failed payment. In particular, Homeglobally declines any liability for the decisions made by PayPal or other suppliers about the refusal of transactions, which is usually based on supplier risk assessment towards the user or transaction.
Moreover, Homeglobally disclaims any responsibility in case of losses resulting from the payments made by online platforms. If the client needs help for online payments, he will have to contact PayPal, his/her own bank or the issuer of his/her credit card (depending on the situation). The client accepts to indemnify and hold harmless Homeglobally against possible complaints, actions, procedures, damages, losses, responsibilities and expenses (including legal fees) addressed to PayPal or other suppliers of means of payment resulting from the client’s actions or omissions.
14. Privacy – treatment of personal data
The treatment of client personal data by Homeglobally complies with the International laws in force for web operators with an e-commerce system and all the practices of storage and use of personal data comply with the Privacy laws. In any case, through the aceptance of contractual terms and conditions the client authorizes Homeglobally to use his/her own personal data for the fulfillment of this service and publicity purposes concerning the service offered and exonerates it from the respect of the Privacy policy in his/her country.
15 . Competent court
For every possible dispute deriving from this contract, the Competent court is appointed in the place in which Homeglobally’s registered office is.
16. Recording and supervision of telephone calls
The telephone calls made to and by Homeglobally can be recorded. Homeglobally reserves the right to use the registrations in order to monitor the quality and compliance with the obligations of customer service, verify the accuracy of users’ information, prevent frauds or provide training services for the staff. These recordings will be stored for the period required to carry out these activities and then they will be deleted. Possible personal data obtained by the users during the calls will be treated in accordance with the clauses of these Privacy laws.
17. Communication via email
Homeglobally endeavours to simplify the use of the portal and allow all clients to insert real estate advertisements and get discounts. For that, Homeglobally sends e-mail messages containing information about these opportunities. Homeglobally thinks that these messages allow users to know the Special Offers available on the site. However, they will be able to choose if they do non want to receive further e-mail messages. As an alternative, it is possible to annul the consent to receive messages by sending us an e-mail.
18. Conclusion of the Contract
The Contract, also without an explicit acceptance by Homeglobally, will be concluded at Service activation. If the Service activation is not possible because of technical impediments that are not due to Homeglobally, these contractual conditions cannot be accepted and the Contract will be automatically rescinded, without any responsibility by the company towards the Client. In this case, if the client has already made the payment, he will be refunded according to the conditions referred to the previous article 6.
19 . Cookies and other web technologies
Similarly to many other websites, the portal www.homeglobally.com uses "cookies" to personalize the visits of the site, semplify the access procedure, monitor preferences and track the use of the portal. Cookies are small portions of information archived by the browser in use on the hard disk of the computer. Browsers offer websites the opportunity of disabling cookies. For further information on how disabling cookies, consult the online guide or browser handbook. The deactivation of cookies could limit the features of the portal and other websites. Similarly to other websites, Homeglobally servers automatically archive "log files" containing information on the volume and characteristics of the website traffic, such as IP address, number and duration of the visits to the pages. Log files are used to verify the modalities of the portal use, which allow to monitor and improve the service. The only identification of users through log files is not possible. For detailed information, see the Cookie Policy in the website.
20 . Limitations of responsibility
Homeglobally only acts as a supplier of real estate services in the global market and clients can promote their property sell and/or rent. Homeglobally does not control the documents of real estates and is not responsible for the respect of the rules on energy certification and other regulations of the home Country.
Although clients are required to advertise real estates for sale and/or rent honestly, carefully and truthfully and appropriate measures are taken for removing defaulting advertisements as a result of users’ or potential buyers’ complaints, Homeglobally does not have any control over the accuracy of advertisements and advertisers’ capacity to guarantee urbanistic and cadastral regularity of the real estates for sale and/or rent.
Therefore, Homeglobally declines any responsibility in case of damages (including personal damages) suffered by third parties because of defaulting clients’ actions or omissions. Although every possible measure is taken to prevent improper uses of the portal and diffusion of harmful programmes through it, Homeglobally disclaims any responsibility in case of losses or damages caused by improper intentional uses of the portal and diffusion of viruses or other cyber threats that can infect the computer equipment, software, data or other users’ and/or clients’ material as a result of the portal use.
Homeglobally, in certain circumstances and at its complete discretion, reserves the right of deciding, if necessary or desired, to delete the real estate advertisement. The client accepts to release Homeglobally from any liability and/or damage if these hypotheses happen. In case of violation of these terms or other responsabilies towards clients (including, as an exemplification, negligence) by Homeglobally, it will be only responsible for damages or losses suffered by the user and due to the use of the portal, as specified below.
In no case Homeglobally will be responsible towards the Client for its total or partial non-fulfilment or delay in the fulfilment of one of the obligations of this Contract if they are due to cases of force majeure or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including fires; strikes; natural disasters; lack of electricity; unavailability of connection lines; malfunctioning of calculators, Internet network, providers or softwares as well as the actions of third parties having access to the net.
Except in the cases provided for mandatory rules, Homeglobally’s responsibility, deriving from this Agreement or service supply, at the acceptance of these terms and conditions will be limited to direct and predictable damages and will not extend to indirect damages suffered by the Client, including, without any limitation, loss of profit, business and opportunities; delay in collections; loss of data and so on. However, the reimbursement for the potential damage will not be able to exceed the sum total of the service provided by Homeglobally. (it should be considered the price of one advertisement in case of multiple purchase) If the client thinks that the the contents of videos, photos, descriptions of real estates or other material published in the portal by an advertiser can be offensive, discriminatory, libelous, slanderous or inappropriate, Homeglobally asks the client to send a notice with the information on these inappropriate contents and reason at the base of this evaluation.
After the reception of the notice about these inappropriate contents, Homeglobally undertakes to examine and remove them from the portal. By accepting these contractual clauses, the client declares explicitly that they are clear, fair and easy to interpret.
Head office: 1 College Yard, 56 Winchester Ave, London, NW6 7UA