Privacy Policy

The personal data required when you place an order are collected by Homeglobally and held on a digital media in order to fulfil the obligations arising from the contract stipulated with the client. Moreover, these data will not be given to other companies unless they are necessary for the performance of the contract.
The personal data will not be used to send advertising material, promotions and so on, as this requires the expressed approval of the data holder.

The data controller is Homeglobally  1 College Yard, 56 Winchester Ave London, NW6 7UA United Kingdom, a product of Homeglobally Ltd Company No. 10695604, in the person of its legal representative unless a person in charge is appointed.

Request for cancelling personal data.
Personal data are collected in order to register the Client and start the procedures for the execution of the contract and the related notices. These data are processed electronically in compliance with the current laws and they can be provided at the request of the judicial authority and /or any authority established by law. The person concerned has the right to ask for the existence of his/her own personal data at the headquarters of 
Homeglobally  1 College Yard, 56 Winchester Ave London, NW6 7UA United Kingdom, a product of Homeglobally Ltd Company No. 10695604; to know their origin, reason and purpose; to get their update, correction and integration; to ask for their cancellation, interruption or anonymous transformation in case of illegal treatment; to oppose to their treatment for lawful reasons and to avoid the sending of advertising material, business information, market research, direct sales and interactive commercial notices. The cancellation of these personal data is subject to the sending of a written notice by second-class mail to the headquarters of the company. The data controller is Homeglobally, a product of Homeglobally Ltd Company No. 10695604.

Security of personal data
The security standards used by
Homeglobally to make your personal information, "firewall" and the transmission of data through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) private and confidential are the highest from a technical point of view. Moreover, specific techniques for protecting these data from unauthorized accesses by third parties are used. In any case, the minimum security measures included in the Privacy Code and any subsequent amendment are ensured.