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Valerio Tedesco

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Marinella Losco

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Plant for the Planet



Our story arose from the need that millions of people had of selling or renting out their properties.We started asking ourselves some questions about real estate market and one of these questions was why millions of properties’ and businesses’ owners encountered so many problems to sell them.Obviously, the answer was almost immediate:  THE GLOBAL CRISIS.
Then, we went beyond commonplaces and wondered: How many of these people have ever thought to broaden their own horizons and the visibility of their own properties? For this reason, we thought about a game.
Do you know how many probabilities you would have to catch the number 6, if we asked you to roll a die? One in six! And how many probabilities would you have if we asked you to roll 50 dice? Certainly, the probability that the number six exits out of 50 rolls will increase dramatically. Here we are! We are those who roll these 50 dice.